5.0 version Preview Look

During this summer (or winter), Naruto OL is updating to version 5.0. Do you want new systems? New powerful ninja to take into battle? This new version has got everything you need to continue on your journey in the shinobi world!

5.0 version Preview Look: Click here

New Systems you can look forward and what you will see as first in 5.0 version:
- Sun and Moon Scroll Currency
- The Grocery Store
- Team Ninja Exam
- Group Research
- New Group Position - Scientist
- Ninja Collection system
- Platinum Monthly Card

Ninja Skill Changes:
- Skill optimizations for the 5 mains
- Hashirama Senju [The First Hokage] - Sage Art: Gate of the Great God
- Yugito Nii [Edo Tensei] - Rodent Hairball
- Yagura [Edo Tensei] - Ricochet Armored Tower
- Roshi [Edo Tensei] - Lava Ball, Huaguo Mountain, Tailed Beast Chakra – Wars

Detailed skill descriptions will be released this Wednesday night!

PS: Once the Grocery Store opens, the Ranking, Survival and Arena Stores will be closed. If there are any items/ninjas in these stores that you want, please exchange them in time to avoid unnecessary losses.

Naruto Online Management Team

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