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 Payoneer has increased the minimum qualifying referral earnings for its Refer a Friend program from $100 to $1000. This means the referral now needs to earn as much as $1000 before you and the referral both will be eligible for the $25 reward that is awarded upon successfully fulfilling the program's criteria. Now, with most freelancers (and many others of their ilk) often struggling with their earnings, fulfilling the $1000 criterion will alone prove to be a huge challenge. And with that being the case, affiliates themselves will hardly be motivated enough to promote new users to sign up on Payoneer. All this brings us to the question that whether Payoneer has hit a self-goal of sorts by pushing the minimum earnings criterion from $100 to a $1000. If affiliates don't earn from the program and fewer new users sign up, it is Payoneer that will end up on the losing side.    

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