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Hello Guys,
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For Your Help Read this for how can make hyperlink comment :

Some commenters like to write their links in comments so they appear linked similar to how they look in a post.
Inserting links in posts is relatively easy because your Visual Editor provides a Insert/Edit Link button but this tool isn’t available for writing comments on posts. This is where a basic knowledge of HTML helps because you use HTML to write links in comments.
Here is an example of a comment that has use HTML to create a link:


HTML is short for “Hyper Text Markup Language” which is a language used to tell a browser how to organise the layout of a web page it has downloaded from the Internet. It influences if text is bold, italics, a heading, bullet points.
When you write a post or page inside your blog dashboard you don’t worry HTML because the Visual Editor does it for you. If you click on the HTML tab it shows the HTML code in your text.
The HTML you use to write links
<a href=””>check out The Edublogger</a>
Make sure you close the tag with </a> and enclosed the website URL with quotation marks (needs to look like this “”)
Please note:
  • If you write several links in a blog comment it may be held in moderation for the blogger to approve – this is done to minimise people writing spam comments
  • While Edublogs blogs allow you to use HTML for links in comments there are some blog platforms that don’t allow HTML

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